HARTING’s manufacturing capabilities are a consistent supplement to the system design planning phase. These strengths build on HARTING’s production expertise that has been synonymous with excellence for more than five decades. This expertise equips us to deliver cost efficient and technically proficient solutions right from the start. Our manufacturing offerings comprise a wide variety of different activities that are tailored to customer requirements.

Cable assembly

HARTING produces cabling solutions with standard, hybrid or special cables, as well as cable sets for complete machine and switch cabinet cabling. We assemble bus cables for Ethernet, Profibus or other communication protocols. We also assemble Fibre Optic cables on the basis of plastic, glass (monomode, gradient and grade index) or HCS fibers.

Production of housings

We produce cast aluminum housings in diecasting, permanent mould or sand casting processes in different metal alloys. For years HARTING has been producing high-quality sheet metal housings, for example, made from stainless steel, steel, nickel silver or aluminum, as well as plastic housings.

System solutions

According to our understanding, system solutions mean implementing your requirements for functionality, dimensions, colour, etc. in order to develop a comprehensive solution, namely your BEST CUSTOMER SOLUTION. We are happy to work with your data and, in close cooperation with you, create the right product for your application while, of course, always using the most innovative HARTING connectivity technologies.

PCB production

Our single- or multi-layer PCB solutions are generated by a variety of individual production steps, such as the creation of circuit diagrams, routing, assembly and subsequent testing. These solutions are based on controlled and reliable production credentials.

Overmolding and encapsulating technology

Overmoulding and encapsulating technology comprises mould manufacture for encapsulation, injection moulding technology for assembled solutions, moulding connectors and replacing housings in different moulds. It also involves the production of plastic injection moulded components, including tools, and the production of deep drawn plastic parts, for example, covering caps.

Surface finishing

We offer EMC treatments, paint finishes or powder coating surface finishes in any colour. Naturally, we also take care of the chemical pretreatment or primer.